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  • Harp Khakh


    Dear Gurv and Sukhi,

    Thank you so much for making my vision of what I would look like as a bride come to life! I knew when you both did my engagement 2 years ago that you would be doing my wedding looks. I still receive so many compliments. Gurv, even though your wedding was the day after mine, you made me feel so at ease. You ladies truly have magic in your hands ❀ once again thank you, your the best!


  • Sandeep Dhadwal - Indianapolis


    Looking back at my pictures I can't thank you enough for making me look so amazing! You ladies were so much more than I expected and made my wedding enjoyable. You girls made everything so easy and had me feeling like the only beautiful girl in the world!! 😊☺️🌎 You ladies definitely know your stuff and I will never forget Purple Haze Artistry! 😘

    Sandeep Dhadwal 

  • Bhav Mund


    “I wanted to send a big thank you to Jessy and Sukhdeep. You both did such an amazing job. I have never looked more beautiful and have received so many compliments in my life. You guys were really thorough and made sure I looked my best. I wouldn't have changed a thing for both my wedding and reception day looks 😊


  • Parneeta Bassi




    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  I know I looked like a beautiful princess on my special day!!  You are great at what you do, the passion just shines through.

    I hope to see you again in the future,

    Once again thank you so much 😊

    Love Parneet


  • Dr. Indy Bal


    Thank you for doing an amazing job on getting me ready for my wedding and reception! I can say you did a great job because I felt beautiful and received endless compliments. Gurv, from the very first time I booked you, I felt like you became a friend because you were so responsive and welcoming to every email, phone call, and idea. I love how punctual, professional and personable you girls are. Thank you again for going the extra mile to get me coffee on the morning of the wedding and the orchids I wanted for the reception since I had forgotten to pick them up in all that was going on. It made my day to see your compliment of our wedding being one of the most extravagant you have seen, it all just seems like it was a dream now! It was the best week of my life and I am so glad I had you on board to doll me up and help me feel at ease and ready for my big day. I hope you girls have a fabulous 2014 and keep up the great work!

    XoXo -Dr. Indy Bal

  • Parm Bains


    You ladies did an amazing job. Without you girls i don't know what I would’ve done. I feel so lucky to have you and your team. Thanks for making my special day awesome. Everyone was amazed by my looks. Thank you so much.

    Parm Bains"

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